Comments from some of Bart and Traci's customers:

  • This is truly the best meat I’ve ever had! Thank you Traci Davis! If you haven’t tried Flying 3 Ranch, you are missing out!  JoNell B.

  • "If you want some of the best meat products, then you have to try out the the Flying 3 Ranch. Hands down, some of the best steaks I have ever had! The Flying 3 Ranch is all natural raised beef. Meaning NO growth hormones like you get from most of the meat products purchased from a store. I know the owners Traci and Bart, and they really take pride in what they do. You won’t be disappointed."  Rick L. 

  • "We all but quit eating beef until we found Flying3Ranch. All natural, with no hidden anything is very comforting when it comes to the meat I put on my table."  Brenda L.

  • "If you are looking for a top quality meat, one that is superior in flavor and one that is appealing to the eye, as well as the palate, you will be pleased with the choices available from Flying 3 Beef! I've had them all and have never been disappointed. Don't overlook their roasts!"  Kent P.

  • "Love the beef from Flying 3 Ranch! Not only is it healthier for you (all natural, antibiotic and hormone free), it's so delicious! You just can't beat locally raised beef. Thanks for many wonderful meals!"  Chelle B.

  • "Flying3Beef steaks are amazing - best I've ever had! Awesome flavor and very tender! Their beef Snack Sticks are also delicious. The Jalepeno Snack Sticks are my favorite!"  Dennis L.

  • "The very best!! The quality and taste of the steaks were superior to Omaha steaks."  Sharlene F.

  • "The most tender and flavorful steak I’ve had in some time! Outstanding quality! Well worth with cost."  Patricia L.

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